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Event Concept

Create "fishing culture" for the healthy future

In 2021 we decided to hold an online event as the measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
During these difficult times, fishing industry consolidated in pursue of new possibilities for the fishing festival.
Our aim is to liven up “fishing culture” and make efforts to meet fishing fans` expectations.

Fishing is full of various attractions such as contact with nature, commitment to tools, and interaction with family and fishing fans.
Holding a fishing festival online is the first attempt in the fishing industry and
it is also a great opportunity to spread both domestically and internationally "fishing culture" created by the world's most advanced technologies.
We will strive to constantly create "fishing culture” to help people maintain healthy mind and body. We will also continue our efforts to contribute to the creation of a healthy and beautiful society and the development of the fishing industry world.

While manufacturers and other people involved in the fishing industry cooperate and stimulate each other, we will convey the “now” of fishing tackles and create a place where people, things and activities related to fishing industry can get together.
We will introduce the view of the fishing world and the enjoyment of fishing to a wide range of public.

Japan Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association Director Yozo Shimano

Exhibitor Booth

Major general manufacturers as well as specialized manufacturers have a chance to present new products and become a world fishing industry pioneer!
100 companies are exhibiting in the first "online exhibition" in the history of fishing industry!
Each category contains various items such as fishing, marine, fishing organizations, and media.
You will surely find the product you are looking for!

Pick Up Products

A must-see products for customers!
The recommended products of each company carefully selected by fishing tackles are listed in one place!
It is possible to narrow down the products by product type.

Online Event Program

◆Main Stage
We will deliver programs specializing in fishing, such as new product introductions by influencers and programs originally produced by exhibitors for the fishing festival.
◆Event Stage
Live streaming of popular programs: Top Angler Talk & LIVE, Angler's Idol, and Sakana-kun LIVE. There are plenty of contents that will satisfy everyone from core fans to beginners!
◆Real Fishing World The First Fishing Experience ONLINE
"I want to start fishing from now on!" "I want to challenge new fishing tackles!": a video library with more than 100 "How To" videos for beginners and experienced anglers aiming to improve their skills.
◆Outdoor Field
A talk show by Ken Tanaka covering some popular topics of 2020, such as tsuri-meshi stadium and outdoor field. We will teach you how to enjoy fishing in a different way!
◆Fresh Catch Cooking Stadium Tsuri Meshi Stadium
We will introduce stores and menues providing delicious "tsuri meshi" (a specialty dish using fresh fish catch) that only anglers know.
If you go to the store during the festival online period, you can actually taste the menu. We will also issue value coupons.

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